Friday, May 27, 2016

Spring Garden

We have been busy as ever around here but I am finally making time to post something besides my monthly picture pot. And that something is my always exciting annual garden post! Lol! Eric put in three new herb beds (top right photo) for me this year at the edge of the yard where they will get the most sun, cooking with fresh herbs is such a pleasure don't you think?

Echo's garden (top left photo) is growing pole beans, squash and sunflowers this year.

We planted two small plum trees this year and they have two tiny plums on them. Hopefully we won't manage to kill them as we have ever other fruit tree we've tried so far :-(

Our blueberries are finally starting to be more productive this year and it's giving me great hopes for future blueberry crops.

 This isn't a great picture but you can kind of see the bean tepees we put in for the kids (which have sugar snap peas growing on them). I'm also growing tomatillos, ground cherries, cabbage, cilantro and tomatoes in my raised beds.

My trellis garden has sugar snap peas as well and we have been enjoying them in stir fries and eating them frsh.

The magnolia tree has been particularly lovely this year so I had to get a shot of that in here :-).

And of course no post is complete without some shots of the kids ;-P I love this because it is so indicative of their personalities, Echo in her bare feet and Clover in her boots (that girl loves boots!).

Saturday, May 21, 2016

April Photos

Again I am way behind on posting things to the blog. I have all these ideas I want to write about but they never seem to make it up here. Oh well, Maybe some day! For now enjoy April's photos, which seem to mostly consist of the kids petting and holding different animals :-)

We went to a farm day at the Chattahoochee Nature Center.

We spent some time at the Botanical Gardens

We took a weekend trip to the Nashville Zoo where the kids got to pet a kangaroo!

 We went to an open house at a nearby farm where the kids got to hold baby bunnies

We explored a waterfall with our home school group

And we played with bubbles at a friends Birthday party

We really made the most of the beautiful weather last month and spent lots of time outside!