Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Twirly Circle Skirt

Modeling my skirt and showing off my baby bump :-)

On a lighter note from yesterday's super serious child rearing post, here is my latest sewing project. My mom found this awesome vintage fabric in her attic and let me have my way with it. Apparently my grandmother bought it and never got around to using it for anything so it has been sitting around for a while. it's a wonderful lightweight fabric, perfect for a Summer skirt.

Close up of the pattern
It had a few moth holes so I wasn't able to use as much of it as I would have liked which resulted in a slightly shorter skirt. It still ended up being a decent length for me and I put in a nice stretchy elastic waist so I can wear it while I'm pregnant this Summer. For the pattern I did a simple circle skirt. This was my first time making one even though they are super easy. You can find a good tutorial for making your own circle skirt pattern here. I love circle skirts because they twirl so nicely and I love how this one came out. It's a nice reminder of my grandma (who I sadly never got to meet) every time I wear the skirt so it also has a nostalgia and family history factor that I love.

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