Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Photos

I have been really lazy about taking my camera with me lately, honestly I have enough extra weight to carry without worrying about my camera ;-) Still, here are some shots from last month. We had an awesome long weekend in Asheville for our last trip as a family of 3 ( a babymoon if you will) and most of the photos are from that trip.

But first a few shots of the cuties from our play group

And above is a shot of me chowing down on a pint of locally made ice cream at the first Friday art walk in Marietta. We have an awesome store on the square now that sells all locally produced goods. Also I should note that I didn't really eat the whole pint by myself, it was shared between 5 people.

The rest are all pictures from Asheville. We had such a great time and it is such an awesome place to go with kids. I can't wait to take both girls back at some point.

Walking around the UNC Asheville campus

Checking out the down town area before it got hot

Otters at the wildlife center

The fox was Echo's favorite

the wildlife center had great activities for little ones, including an awesome set of natural blocks

Reading at the hotel with daddy
 There was a lot well still didn't get to do in Asheville and it is such a short drive I'm sure we'll be back. June was a little hot for us though so next time we will try to make it a fall or winter trip :-)

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