Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why I Blog

Sometimes I feel a little selfish and foolish for keeping a blog. It can seem a little self indulgent from time to time and I can't help but feel guilty for spending time on it when I need to be doing about a million other things. However I had a conversation with my mom the other day that made me think about things a little differently.

We were talking about what books we were reading and making time to read and my mom commented on how when you are a kid you are encouraged to read as much as possible and it is viewed as a really positive way to spend your time. When you grow up however, you suddenly feel that you are being "lazy" when you spend time reading and it can be viewed by some as a waste of time (especially if you are reading fiction). I realized that blogging could be viewed the same way. If my kids wanted to start a blog (you know, once they are reading and writing age) I would be thrilled! It is a good exercise in writing and documenting the projects you do. Not to mention the fact that it's relaxing and works like a journal in that it can be a therapeutic way to express thoughts and feelings.

It's easy to get in to a mindset when you are done with formal schooling where you don't value you the things that once brought you joy and that are in fact, a way to broaden your mind and experiences. For example, I rarely make time for my own personal art projects any more. This is something that I used to spend a ton of time on, it makes me sad that I've kind of lost the thrill of making art for no reason other than my own personal fulfillment. Maybe when the kids get a little older I will make time to get back to it. Right now I am just focusing on some other art forms such as cooking, sewing and writing this blog!

When I think of the example I want to set for my kids, it's so important that they see me pursuing my own projects and things that I love. I want to instill in them the love of learning and creating that I have and that can be all too easy to forget about when you get caught up in the day to day grind. My blog posting may come and go in terms of regularity, but as long as it's something I enjoy and find value in I will try to keep it up!

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