Monday, February 2, 2015

Creating a Natural Playscape

As most people who read this blog probably know by now, I found out I have breast cancer just before the new year. I wasn't so sure about sharing this news on the internet but in the end it became a burden to try to keep up with everyone who wanted updates on my condition on an individual basis so it seemed easier to make it public. Secondarily, it felt dishonest not talking about it on the blog since it is a major thing happening in my life right now.

Sine we knew I wouldn't be feeling well much of the time I go through my treatment my parents came up with the idea to clear out our wild back yard as a place for Echo to play. This would let me give her some much needed outside time without the hassle of getting everyone in the car and heading out to the park.

My mom and dad worked really hard cutting trails and clearing paths to make the backyard more usable. The results have been amazing! It's like having our own hiking trails in our back yard. We are lucky that all of our close neighbors have left their yards wild so it gives the illusion of us having a much bigger yard. Echo absolutely loves poking around back there and I don't have the constant worry of her running in to the street (it would take some doing for her to dash away from me, make it up the hill and all the way to the front of the house).

We've started making a few crud structures like a stick teepee and some large wooden block but we have plans to one day build more climbing structures, swings and activity stations.

This will also make our fire circle more usable since it will give her a little space to roam while we cook out. It's such a simple, wonderful idea I can't believe we didn't do it sooner. With Echo being such an outdoorsy type it is so worth it to have a good out door play area for her.

Seeing her learn to climb trees and her having the chance to explore a natural area is worth a million bucks and she is so happy when she has free time to play out side. I'm excited to see what else we can come up with to enrich the back yard play area.

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