Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Photos

Wow what a busy month June was! We did a ton of fun stuff to take my mind off my surgery which was June 16th. After the surgery I felt totally stir crazy and wanted to get out so we have been doing fun stuff since my surgery too! Thankfully everything went really well and I am recovering nicely, mostly I am so relieved that the surgery is behind me! Anyway, I will write more about my experience later but for now here are some of the fun activities we have been doing this past month.

Toddler Thursdays at the High Museum

Echo eating a carrot she grew in her garden!

Fiber optic light show at the Botanical Gardens

And a visit from Aunt Jessie!

Taking the kids to the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville

And last but not least a visit to the Aquarium 

We have lots more fun stuff planned for July so stay tuned for more pictures soon. Finding time to post is hard but I do what I can :-)

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