Sunday, September 25, 2016

Our big 4 Year Old

Our amazing first born is turning 4 today...4! Every day I look at her and am startled by how grown up she is. Her limbs are becoming long and lanky, she is losing the soft roundness of toddlerhood and quickly becoming a young girl.

When I think of all we have been through together it seems like longer than 4 years but at the same time it feels like she was just born. I remember the long sleepless nights of her infant days, the excitement and wonder as she turned one and started to walk, the trials of the terrible twos and the amazing emotional and physical growth of year 3.

I'm so excited to watch my strong, confident, smart girl in her fourth year of life.

It's been amazing for me to see how unique each of my children are. I kind of expected her to be a little me but Echo is very definitely her own person. She is sweet and cuddley, complex and emotional, and oh so bright and curious.

What an amazing gift it is to be this girls mommy. I love seeing the special bond she has with her sister and how well they play together as they grow.

Happy Birthday to my dear girl! I'm lucky to know you!

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