Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kid's Art Throw Pillows

So when I am trying to distract myself from my frustration over our house being rebuilt I try to focus on the fun stuff I get to buy with our replacement money from the insurance company. I recently ordered my dream sofa from Room and Board and was searching for the perfect throw pillows to go with it. I was thinking something abstracts, colorful and with a watercolor feel. Then I had the idea to get some of the kid's paintings printed on pillows!

What a great way to incorporate their artwork in to our living space. I photographed the paintings and uploaded them to Shutterfly. then ordered pillows printed with the photographed artwork. It was so easy and they turned out so beautifully! The blue and gold pillow is Clover's painting and the purple and green one is Echo's

I can't wait to see them in place on my beautiful new sofa. It still feels like a long way off before we are back in our house but siding is going up today so that's progress at least!

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