Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Now that my Christmas cards have all gone out I can release my Christmas photo shoot i did with Echo. I know I sent my cards ridiculously early, I was that crazy person up at 6:30 the day after Thanksgiving addressing my cards. In my defense, having a baby has really changed my sleeping schedule. Also, I am very very excited about Christmas :-)

For a long time I have been illustrating my families Christmas cards (still do) and I have started the tradition of doing photographic cards for Eric and I. This year I had the best subject matter imaginable in our precious daughter. The last picture you see here is the one I ended up using but I also wanted to show some of my other favorites from our shoot.

She was really sleepy and not in a great mood when we took these but they still came out pretty good. I also think she looks so much older since these were taken! To do the shoot I used her bath pillow and surrounded it with Christmas lights, then draped it with a white swaddle blanket and laid her on top.

I'm already scheming about what to do for next year's card. Echo is going to have to put up with being photographed a lot ;-)

Happy Holidays y'all!

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