Monday, December 2, 2013

Echo's Kitten Mittens

I finally finished making a pair of mittens for Echo wear when it's really really cold out. She isn't crazy about wearing things on her hands but I tried to soften the blow by embroidering kitten faces on them.

The first pair I made turned out too small (I never leave enough seam allowance!) but I had already done the cat faces so I ended up cutting them off and stitching them to the new, larger mittens.

Here she is trying them on for the first time, she liked the cat faces. To make these mittens I just traced her hand on some tracing paper to make the pattern and did an overlock stitch all around the outside. I also added a little velcro strap to tighten them at the wrist which will hopefully help keep her from taking them off.

This last picture is her in her full cold weather gear. Here she is kissing the little cat face on her mitten (she often kisses pictures of animals) how cute is she?!?

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