Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How I Handle My Morning Sickness

ginger ale is a life saver

We just got back from our Christmas vacation in Rhode Island and had an amazing time! I caught a head cold but other than that the trip went off without a hitch and Echo was a champ for her first time on a plane. I am currently going through my photos and will have lots of images and stories to tell soon but in the mean time here is a post on dealing with morning sickness the second time around (aka, while simultaneously dealing with a toddler).

One of my big fears when I found out I was pregnant again was how on earth I would deal with being sick while I was getting up all night with my sleep challenged toddler. Thankfully the morning sickness hasn't been nearly as bad this time around but I have been feeling vaguely queasy on and off for weeks now. Here are my top foods for beating morning sickness.

1. Ginger Ale. When I was pregnant the first time I often used crackers to help settle my stomach. The problem with this now is that I am mostly sick in the middle of the night when I have to get up with Echo and coax her back to sleep. If I go in to her room crunching on crackers it will all be over, she'll be awake and wanting to share my crackers and I'll never get her back down. Ginger ale is a nice quiet way to ease my symptoms without disturbing my little one.

2. Lemon Drops. Same deal as with the ginger ale, these are quiet and and I can discreetly suck on one when I need it. They are also great to take with me when I'm out and about for a quick nausea fix.

3. Pretzels. These are a no go at night because they are too crunchy, however nothing beats nausea better in my experience. I fist learned the pretzel trick when I was scuba diving and got extremely sea sick. The pretzels help so much! They are bland and salty at the same time and for some reason they stop nausea in in it's tracks.

4. Apples. I like to have one right when I get up in the morning or for an afternoon snack. They are a good source of fiber and a nice sweet treat too!

5. Yogurt. This is another one I like to have first thing in the morning, it's incredibly soothing on the stomach. I use plain yogurt (our home made stuff) and some home made granola on top.

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