Friday, November 7, 2014

October Photos

 So much happened this October! I feel like we are really making to most of Fall this year and have gotten to do so many things, including Halloween parties, a trip to the beach, several visits to the botanical gardens, and a corn maze!I had so many pictures from this month I had to cut a lot so if you want to see more be sure to check out my shutterfly here :-)

Botanical Gardens, Echo is really in to the kids area now.

Sunday in the park festival at Oakland cemetery 

Sunday in the park festival at Oakland cemetery 

More botanical gardens

Clover's first trip to the beach!

First road trip in the new car was a success! 

Clover holding a clover flower on the beltline trail

Checking out the horses at the corn maze

Echo had her first pony ride and loved it!

Us in our halloween costumes, Wizard of Oz theme

Trick or treating on Halloween, she didn't want to wear her pigtails that day but she brought along her basket and stuffed wolf who she has named Toto 

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