Thursday, November 27, 2014


An out take form our Christmas card shoot
Just a quick note on this lovely, cold Thanksgiving day to say how incredibly blessed my life has been and how amazed I am at my good fortune each and every day. I try really hard not to take anything I have for granted and today especially I like to really take time and appreciate the many wonderful people and things in my life.

Fist of all I am so grateful to live in this wonderful country and have a beautiful house that I love with a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in. I am thankful that I get to live next to my parents who are a constant source of support and guidance and are some of my very best friends (love you mom and dad!). I'm so happy I get to spend my holiday with them and that my brother can also be with us. Logan is an amazing person who I am honored to call my brother and seeing him for Thanksgiving is beyond wonderful :-)

I'm also incredibly thankful for the family Eric and I have made together. I get to be married to a man who loves me and is an amazing husband and father, sharing our lives together is a great gift. Thank you Eric for making me happy every single day. Most of all I am grateful for our beautiful daughters who have brought so much joy and love in to our lives. They are my everything and have made life better than I ever thought possible.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you all get to have a great holiday celebrating with friends and family!

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