Monday, December 8, 2014

December photos

November was a busy month which lead in to an even busier December! I haven't had time to post much or even take pictures of half the things we've been doing but here are some highlights from last month.

Play date with a new friend, Taylor

Visiting the grand parents in Knoxville

Visiting the grand parents in Knoxville

Echo learned to swing on a big kid swing

A very chilly Thanksgiving

Echo in her new coat

Logan was in town for Thanksgiving and his friend Alison joined us.

We celebrated Logan's Birthday and some friends of his stopped by with an amazing home made cake!

The Birthday party

Hanging out on the square

Logan with friends Alison, Tasha and Rob

Our attempt at a family portrait, lol

It was great to see Logan and Echo bond, she loves him!

Our little hiker :-)

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