Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sourdough Bread!

I am such a lover of bread and I have really gained some skill and confidence when it comes to baking over the past few years. I've acquired some really excellent bread cook books and there is just nothing like the experience of making delicious home made bread to sooth me. One area of baking I hadn't had the nerve to tackle though was sourdough... until now! I always thought sourdough sounded so intimidating, what with having to keep the starter alive and all. I also didn't know how to get started, should I buy a starter? Make my own? Well luckily for me one of my generous friends from Echo's preschool program offered to share her starter with me (as well as some tips for keeping it alive) and it has been magical. The recipe I've been using can be found here. It's a no knead recipe and it takes a long time to rise but in terms of hands on time it's very quick and easy. The taste is amazing and I haven't had one failure yet in spite of experimenting with different ratios of different types of flour. The taste of this stuff is amazing, it was love at first bite for sure. Have you ever tried making sourdough? It is so good and it kind feels like magic that you can make bread without yeast!

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