Monday, October 5, 2015

September Photos

Many of these pictures have already appeared on facebook but I'm posting them again on the blog anyway. We had a fun month in September with lots of activity! In addition to lots of fun stuff with our home school group (which I have no pictures of) we went to the botanical gardens in Gainesville, and apple picking for Echo's Birthday.

The Gainesville botanical gardens are a branch of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens which we are members of so we got in for free! They are really lovely but very small at this point, I'm sure they will adding on though and it will be worth going back to.

They also had an awesome Lego exhibit that the kids really enjoyed with some pretty impressive Lego sculptures as well as activities for the little ones.

I'm also including a few extra shots from Echo's Birthday shoot. She has grown so much this year!

 It rained on Echo's Birthday which it often seems to do but we were determined to carry on with our apple picking plan! We had a great time in spite of the damp and even got to do the petting zoo which both girls loved.

 On the way home we stopped for Barbecue and the girls got to ride this awesome mechanical pig.

Then home for presents and chocolate. Echo requested a pile of chocolate like they have in a particular scene from Frozen (her favorite movie of course) so I made a cute little display with an Elsa cake topper and paper snow flakes.

That's it for this month but we have lots of fun things going this October too! Stay tuned for more.

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