Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Living Room Vision Board

It's been really hard being out of our house the past month (a month already?!) and progress has been slow lately so I am keeping my eye on the prize and planning for the future. I have really kept myself busy thinking about new furniture, paint colors and design elements to keep myself distracted from the fact that nothing is happening.

We are doing some redesigning of the space and getting rid of the fireplace altogether. Instead we will have a door and lots of windows on that wall and it will open up to a patio space that will connect with our new deck. Of course our front wall we will keep all windows, it's what made us fall in love with the house to begin with!

The loft stairs are being replaced with a spiral staircase and since we get the chance to repaint I am obsessing over picking the new color for the living room, dining room and loft space. It's such a big continuous area that I still want to go neutral, right now I'm leaning towards this Mocha Ice color. We will have cedar trim and are talking about going with a slightly darker color for the floors as well.

We have been looking around at a ton of furniture and are seeing a lot we like at World Market. We are leaning towards this blue velvet sofa with some leather and graphic accent chairs and end tables that double as laptop desks. Throw in some graphic pillows for punch and we have a good idea of where we want to go with this room.

While it's depressing how slowly things are moving with the rebuild it's fun to think ahead and plan for when we get to do the exciting parts like rebuild, pick paint colors and go furniture shopping. I'll do some more posts on plans for the other rooms in the near future :-)

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