Saturday, January 7, 2017


If you know us at all you know that we had a house fire just before Christmas. I honestly don't even want to write about it here because I have told the story so many times now but since I started this as house blog and it has evolved into a blog about everything that means home to me I know the fire deserves an entry. It was a chimney fire that started on a Sunday night (get your fireplaces cleaned and inspected people!) and thankfully all people and pets made it out of the house just fine.

Now we begin the slow process of rebuilding, tearing down the old and putting in new. The hardest part of this for me is that our house was such a labor of love. We put so many hours into this house, working towards making it better over the years, doing so much with our own hands and the hands of friends and family. It's hard to see all that burnt away. 

I'm realizing through all of this how tied to my home I am. It is such a huge part of me, I put so much into it and it's so hard to be away from my home. I'm very fortunate that I get to spend this time at my other home however, the home I grew up in. I can't explain what a comforting feeling it was to be able to go to my parents house after the fire and they are kind enough to put us up until our house is rebuilt. 

So this will be the only mopey, emotional post about the fire. From here on it will be all about rebuilding and plans to improve the house. We have a lot of ideas and the bright side of this is that we are finally getting a huge chunk of what we want done to the house knocked out. When all this is done the house will be amazing with all new flooring, walls, windows and much more. It almost feels like we are having a house built from scratch to our specifications. For now we are keeping the end goals in mind and moving onward and upward. Here's to a speedy recovery and better luck in 2017!

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