Wednesday, June 28, 2017

House Update

This house update is long overdue, here is a glimpse of what's going on as the house feels more and more like home. The first picture is our play/art room. We are getting so much use out of this space and everyone is happy with the new arrangement of the girls sharing a room.

Some views of the dining room and kitchen areas. Since these were taken the kitchen cabinets have gone in and we are now just awaiting the plumber to hook everything up so we can have a fully functional kitchen again.

The living room is feeling a lot less like a construction zone lately and we are getting to enjoy our new furniture. Also pictured: Clover being a ham.

Eric set me up this little corner as my work space and I couldn't ask for a more lovely spot! Perfect for my computer or doing some watercolor painting with beautiful views and good light. It makes me so happy :-)

We are busily unpacking boxes and rediscovering our belongings and we are soooo close to being done with this ordeal. We now have a working washer and dryer (yes!) and aside from the kitchen the last step will be the spiral staircase.

We are also in the middle of a bathroom remodel that needed to happen but was unrelated to the fire damage but that deserves it's own blog post. I'll try to get it up on here soon, we are very excited by how it's coming together!

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