Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wedding Style

It's Spring time and oh my goodness love is in there air! It seems like everyone I know is getting married or engaged lately. I guess we are just getting to that age where people are starting to want to "settle down". In honor of all you engaged girls out there and light of the fact that mine and Eric's 5 month anniversary was this week (love you baby!) I wanted to do a  wedding post and talk a bit about how wedding's reflect your personal style as a couple. I spent about a year planning our wedding (with a lot of help from my mom and a little from Eric) and it turned out so beautifully and just the way I wanted it to be. Now that my wedding is over (and believe me I wouldn't want to go through all that stress and planning again) I have really enjoyed talking to friends about their weddings, I love to see the whole thing develop over time and eventually come to fruition.

I really love weddings, I loved mine and I love going to other people's. It makes me happy to see people in love and I love to see how the couple's style and creativity comes through in their choices of decor, food and clothing for their wedding day. There are so many different ways you can approach a wedding that it can be overwhelming but we knew that we wanted ours to be warm, rustic, simple and inviting. Let me tell you it's amazing how quickly a "simple" wedding can get complicated but in the end it's about prioritizing and deciding what is really important to you. I think we succeeded in keeping things fairly low key (as far as weddings go) and we definitely reflected our rustic modern style in our wedding. Here are some pictures form our big day, I feel like it really shows bit about who we are as a couple.

** All photographs by the fabulous Raven Shutley

The dress, I searched long and hard for this one. Well, not that long and hard, it was probably the third one I tried on. I went with something simple from the department store. My main criteria was that it had to be something I could dance in easily.
My fabulously mismatched bridal party. Everyone had different clothes but all in the same color scheme and the matching yellow accent pieces really tied everything together.
our wedding sign (which can still be seen in our front yard) was purchased on etsy
Delicious cupcakes from the Atlanta Cupcake Factory featuring seasonal Fall flavors.
We decorated our venue with Christmas lights and hundreds of handmade paper butterflies (made by me, my mom and bridesmaids). The bright white decorations helped add some magic to the natural wood in the venue.
Our flowers were a mixture of Sunflowers, Viking Pom Flowers, Wheat stalks and berries. We kept it rustic and Fall-ish

We left the venue with the pathway lit up by luminaries and sparklers

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