Friday, June 17, 2011

Kitchen Organization and Storage

As I may have mentioned before our house has a teeny tiny kitchen. There is lots to love about the kitchen like it's proximity to the dining room and deck and the fact that is has surprisingly deep cabinets but it is still small by modern standards. It would probably be fine for a normal person but we both love to cook and have kind of a ridiculous amount of kitchen gadgets (all of which we can't do with out). The result of this is that we are always tight on space in the kitchen. We have used a lot of the wall space for storage already as you can see in this previous post, and we recently added a few more items to help us stay organized in the kitchen.

First of all is our new dish drying rack. It may seem silly but it has helped the kitchen stay a lot neater, we used to use a dish towel to dry things on and this just looks a lot cleaner.

I also recently purchased something I've always wanted and that is a tea box. We have a lot of teas (way more than will fit in here) and this helps us keep our favorites close at hand while still looking stylish and uncluttered.

My last recent improvement is adding hooks on either side of the sink to hang dish towels and pot holders. Again, this is a small thing but makes a big difference. Having things close at hand and easy to reach can really make your cooking experience.

The next thing I have to tackle is organizing our ridiculous spice collection which is now spread out in three different places.

Spices are currently stored here,


and here.
Any suggestions for this one? We'd need something pretty massive to hold all of it in one place.

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  1. I really like the way you cataloged this issue... I too have a spice storage problem. I did not realize this is my kitchen's main issue too, until i saw this. Please let me know what you do- I will be brainstorming too.