Sunday, June 12, 2011


I was just turned on to this site called Pinterest by a friend of mine and I was blown away. Maybe I am the last to know about this but now I am totally hooked. It is the ultimate inspiration tool, allowing you to collect images of just about anything and save them all in one place. My friend is using it as a wedding planning tool but I thought it would be a perfect way to catalog and store images that inspire me in regards to my plans for the house. To see my house inspiration gallery go to
If you have a pinterest account let me know about it and I will look you up!

I haven't gotten much done on the house lately but I do have a diy project in the works that I will blog about soon. It seems like the hot summer is zapping my creative energy and I have also been busy with my photography business lately. In any case, stay tuned because I promise I will update again in the near future.

example of a pinterest pin board, go check it out!

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