Monday, June 13, 2011

Working in the Garden

I've been slowly but surely trying to get a handle on the little garden out by our mailbox. Not to say that there's a lot in it right now but it requires a lot of weeding and watering of the few new things I've been able to plant in there. Let me tell you, this garden is like a death trap for anyone who tries to weed it. It is full of holly bushes and yucca plants, both of which are extremely spiky and hurtful when you are trying to weed around them. Time to invest in some heavy duty gardening gloves I guess. In spite of all the stabbing plants (and cursing under my breath), I am making a little headway in the garden. I went to home depot today and invested in a new plant, a major treat for me! I also got a few bags of pine bark to start refreshing the bark that is already present, although it is clear that I'll need lots more of it. Good thing it's cheap! Here are a few pictures from today's yard work.

Pine bark replenished, still some weeding to do around the edges but lots better than it was.  The light green things are my little baby flox, they've been suffering in the heat. 

My new plant! A lovely Pennisetum that I picked up at Home Depot. I've planned on putting one in the front garden ever since we moved in.

I finally got around to potting our Pothos in a permanent container a few days ago and placed in in the loft near the railing. The plan is to have tendrils of the stuff hanging down from above, like a leafy curtain :-)

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