Monday, April 9, 2012

The Garden in April

I have really enjoyed gardening so far this year. It's so much fun to run out to the garden every day and check on all my little plants, they are getting so big! Here's what's happening in the garden this month.

Overall view of the gardens, they aren't getting as much sun as they were now that the leaves on the tress have come in but they still get good afternoon light. 

Radishes, you can see that some of them are starting to bulb. I have even harvested a few so far and will be getting more in the coming weeks. 

Cayenne Peppers with little buds on them. 

Cucumber plants getting large!

Red bell pepper with little buds on it and even one flower. 

The tomatos have all kinds of buds on them! Can't wait to try these!

The carrots are growing painfully slow, I'm impatient with them

Here you can see all three of my blueberry plants. I have three different varieties, tifblue,  becky blue and emerald. 

Emerald blueberries

Here are some radishes from my early harvest. They are still little so I might leave the rest for another week or two to see if they get bigger. They taste great and are extra spicy!
I apologize for my lack of posting recently. I have had a really busy work schedule and have had no energy to photograph or write anything. Later this week I will be going on a much needed mini vacation and then by next week I will be getting back to my normal schedule and hopefully will have more time and energy to post things :-)

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