Friday, March 30, 2012

The Baby's Room

I've noticed that a lot of people have cute little names for their unborn babies, I haven't found a name that seems right so I just call it "the baby". I have started working on decorating the baby's room and wanted to show you all what I have going on so far. We are converting the room that used to be my studio in to a room for the baby and moving my studio stuff in to the guest bedroom. The studio room seems like the perfect place to use as a nursery for several reasons. First of all the wall color is already bright, cheerful and unisex which is exactly what we wanted in that space. Anytime I don't have to repaint a room it makes me pretty happy and I really like the yellow/orange color for a baby's room and a kid's room so it should grow well with the little one. The other reason for choosing this room is that it is almost exactly opposite from the master bedroom so it will be easy to hear the baby when it cries and easy to stumble in there in the night to feed them. Lastly we wanted to keep the guest bedroom intact because there may be lots of people coming to visit after the baby comes and we will need a place for them to sleep.

As far as colors go I am not in to super pink or blue nurseries or themes that are overtly related to one gender or another. I had originally planned to do a book/reading theme in the nursery but then I realized how bad I am at sticking to a theme and that I really am just not a theme person anyway so that went out the window. In all of my decorating I tend to be pretty eclectic and just pick out whatever I like withen a certain style so that's what I went with.  I have been doing a bit of etsy shopping for decore and we already have a beautiful crib curtesy of my parents who wanted to give us our baby present early. Here are some photos of what I have so far.

View of crib, mobile, rug and wall art

This is the rocker my mom used when I was a baby, she kindly recovered it for me and my dad refinished the wood.

our lovely crib! 
Fox and bear pillows I ordered from Bird Mafia 

Cute curtains I got at Ikea

A print from Sandra Dieckerman Illustration

A print from Parada Creations

A print from 1Canoe2

All three prints together,
I still have a lot of work to do in here (there are no pictures of the other side of the room because it is full of junk!) but it's coming along. I just have to try and not buy everything right away, hold me back! Lol :-)

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