Friday, March 16, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets=Finished!

You may may remember that I started painting our kitchen cabinets back in January as part of our kitchen remodel. Well shortly after I started this project I found out I was pregnant and decided that working with oil based paints wasn't the healthiest choice for me and the baby. The result was that I had crazy looking half painted cabinets and it was kind of driving me nuts. Well lucky for me I have awesome parents who volunteered to come finish painting my cabinets for me, yay! They painted the cabinets yesterday and today we put them all back together again. I think they look amazing, it's like I got all new cabinets! Here are some pictures :-)

Cabinet doors being painted on the deck

In progress, we will be ripping out all of the upper cabinets eventually so we didn't bother painting them.


Another angle, some day we will get a black dishwasher

Sorry for the blurry picture, you can get an idea of what the new hardware looks like.
Thanks for the help Mom and Dad! It feels great to make some progress on the kitchen!

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