Friday, March 23, 2012

Garden Updates

It's been a bit since first posted about my new garden and so much has happened already! I'm amazed at how excited I'm getting about it, it's so fun to check on it every day and see how it's grown. My first big garden news is that I now have a second raised bed, a smaller triangular one to help accomodate all of my gardening ambitions.

Here you can see the second raised bed along with all of the sprouts starting to come up in the first.
My radish sprouts have been going crazy and I'm hoping i will end up with lots and lots of delicious radishes to eat. The carrots and cucumbers I planted have also begun to sprout and are looking good but are much smaller than the radishes right now. In addition to my plants that i've grown from seed I also bought a few more mature plants the other day. In the second raised bed you can see some brandywine tomatos and cayenne pepper plants growing.

Here is a better picture of all my radish sprouts, I've been working on thinning them to give them more room so they look a little different now. 

Brandywine tomatoes and cayenne peppers, looking forward to these!
I have also ordered some seeds from and awesome seed company I found on etsy called Heirlooms R US Seeds. These seeds include thai basil, golden pear tomatos, leeks, pickling cucumbers, golden bell peppers, jalapenos and cilantro. I've been starting most of these inside and so far the ones that have sprouted are the tomatoes and thai basil.  I started the leeks and cucumbers outside and the cucumbers are doing great so far. If everything that I've planted lives and does well I don't know where I will put them all but I'm counting on a few of them dying off. It's exciting to watch them all grow and change each day. Hopefully all this rain will make them really take off!

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