Sunday, May 26, 2013

Let The Baby Proofing Begin!

Echo against the new fabric we put up to keep her from falling out of the loft ;-)

Echo has been getting increasingly mobile over the past few weeks and although she isn't technically crawling yet she is so close! In spite of the fact that she isn't exactly making the crawling motions she still manages to scoot, wriggle and pivot her way around the room. You can seriously look away for a minute, look back and she'll be five feet from where you left her. This has necessitated the beginning of our baby proofing efforts. It's a day we both looked forward to and dreaded. While we are excited at Echo's continued development our house is a baby proofing nightmare and we have so much to do! Here is what we've started with so far. 

A small portion of the cords we removed from the loft.
 Echo has lately developed a fascination with cords and wires of any kind, yikes! Any cord she can get her hands on goes directly in her mouth for chewing, this obviously had to stop. Since we spend most of our family time in the loft where the carpet is easy for her to play on we had to really re-examine the space. You see, the loft is also where our computers and tv live. Eric spent a good part of the day yesterday reworking as many of our electronics as he could to be wireless, allowing us to remove a lot of the wires and cables. What we couldn't remove got tucked away either up under a desk or under the edge of the carpet.

The loft seen from below

One of our big worries in baby proofing was the railing in our loft. It has widely spaced rungs that would be easy for her to slip though. At the same time this area is highly visible when you first walk in the house so we wanted it to be somewhat attractive still. We purchased three yards of fabric on sale at Ikea and used a heavy duty staple gun to fasten it to our railings. It's up there so well now that there's no way she can tear it down and it keeps us from worrying about her falling through.

Newly cleaned and organized loft
We also spent some time generally de-cluttering and cleaning the loft, the less random junk we have laying around the less there is for her to get in to. It already looks so much nicer without all the clutter that tends to build up in a highly used area. I just hope we can keep it this nice!

Still to come are baby gates at the tops and bottoms of the stairs and child safety locks on the cabinets and drawers. On top of that we still have to baby proof the rest of the house! This baby thing sure is a lot of work! Good thing she's so cute ;-)


  1. Just stopping over from One Trailing Spouse. Oh, the joys of baby proofing! Our 1st required very little babyproofing, but our 2nd sounds like your Echo and LOVES to get into everything. She is fascinated with cords and plugs, and we have to keep all of the bathroom doors shut unless we want to keep fishing things out of the toilet. Fun times!

    1. Since I wrote this post she has started crawling in earnest and things have gotten even crazier! She certainly has an independent streak and wants to explore on her own!

      Thanks so much for stopping by Nicole! I enjoyed visiting your blog as well, it's awesome that Emily could bring us all together :-)

  2. hi! since this post is a few years old, i was wondering how this solution has held up over time. the second floor of our house has an open loft hallway with two bedrooms and a bathroom up there, including our 10 month old's bedroom. our bedroom is downstairs. this is obviously problematic and not something we considered before buying our house. oops! we plan to have a contractor raise the height of our railing and add spindles so that the openings are up to code but i'm debating over how to make this safer. plexiglass? netting? fabric? or even if i do use plexiglass, i like the idea of adding some sort of fabric to make it more decorative. you can see this railing from our living room and front door so i don't want it to be ugly. thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your comment. This solution for our loft has actually held up really well, it lasted through our second baby's toddlerhood as well as our first! My advice would be to choose a sturdy canvas fabric, try the upholstery section in the fabric store. Good luck and I hope this helps!

  3. It does--thanks! I appreciate your update. :)