Monday, July 15, 2013

Replacing My Office Chair

Ever since Echo started crawling  my old office chair had become problematic. She wants to be near me when I am at my computer and she constantly crawling under my chair and bumping her head on it. When we recently went to a pregnant friend's house for a game night and she had an exercise ball she was using as a chair. I knew that these were great tools for child birth (although I didn't use one in my own labor) but I hadn't considered they benefits of continued use until I saw how much Echo loved to stand near the ball and drum on it. After that night I knew I wanted to replace my clunky old office chair with an exercise ball ball. Here are some of the benefits of using one at your computer instead of a traditional chair.

1. They are great for your posture and spine alignment.

2. They keep you moving (seriously, it's so hard not to bounce while you sit on one) and therefore burning more calories while you spend time on the computer.

3. They are inexpensive and come in any color you want making them easy to afford and fit in with your decor.

4. Babies love them. If you have young kids it's awesome for them to drum on and play with and you don't have to worry about them getting hurt. It's also a great tool for soothing babies because you cvan easily bounce them while sitting on one.

5. They are compact and save space.

6. You can also use them for exercise (if you feel so inclined).

7. They are fun! I love bouncing away on mine.

Having a ball, haha


  1. Awesome! I've sat on a yoga ball at work for more than a year, and haven't gotten tired of it yet! Have fun bouncing!

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