Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reversible Baby Smock


For my Birthday this year I got some great new sewing supplies including fabric trim and sewing books. I am now super inspired to sew more and you can expect a lot of sewing related posts in the near future :-) This pattern wasn't something that I got out of my new books but was one that I made based on an outfit I used to wear when I was a kid. i wish I had a picture of the original on me but I'm not sure if one even exists. Anyway, this is a cute and super easy design to throw together. The best part is it's reversible! I love that in an outfit, especially one for a child because one side is bound to get stained. Here is Echo modeling her new outfit (she's such a good sport).


 Above you can see the other side of the smock, aren't these fabrics just adorable? Unfortunately it is a little big on her and since it is so long she can't crawl in it but with the way she's going she will be walking soon and then she'll be able to wear it no problem.  If anyone is wanting to attempt to make something like this here is what it looks like all laid out. Unfortunately I don't have a printable pattern (maybe I will start doing those one day) but the shape is pretty simple and it is easy to figure out how to make one.

I also got to use my button hole foot for the first time on my new sewing machine. I had always sewn button holes by hand in the past so this was amazing to me! So easy and sturdy, I love it!


  1. What a great idea! I love the fabrics and design.

    1. Thanks Neil! I am working on a project from one of the books you got me next, I'll be posting it soon hopefully!