Saturday, August 10, 2013

DIY Baby Tank

 I am continuing to love my new Brother Sewing machine and my sewing skills are growing! It's such a satisfying accomplishment to make something from scratch, I am loving every minute of it. I have always been a do it yourself type of person and would rather tach myself something than learn it from a class. I think this comes from my unschooling days, I am a very independent learner. Thanks to the internet it is easier than every to teach yourself just about anything! Check out this awesome tutorial and free pattern from Made, it's what I used to make this baby tank for Echo.

It was my first experience using bias tape (I used store bought but I want to learn to make my own in the near future. I loved the bias tape because it gave the piece a nice finished look, plus it added a fun, contrasting pop of color! Sewing baby clothes is like (almost) instant gratification, it's so easy and fast to make something cute.

Doesn't Echo look so grown up in her faux denim leggings and tank top? She is also showing off those pearly whites in this photo. She has 5 teeth now and is working on a few more!

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  1. Echo TOTALLY looks so grown up in her jeggings and tank top. What a cutie! Good job Mama with the sewing project.