Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Late Summer Gardening

This year should have been great for my gardening with all the rain we've been having. Unfortunately I've determined that the place where we put my raised bed gardens is just too shady and nothing really turned out well. The Spring crops did pretty well (before the leaves really came in on the trees) but everything this Summer has been a great big flop. 

Forever an optimist, I got Eric to build me some new raised beds in a sunnier location and am planting some late Summer crops. Hopefully there will be enough sunshine for these to give me a good harvest this Fall.

On the positive side, the things I planted on the back deck in pots actually did pretty well for the most part. I have a bunch of bush beans out that there that have been producing really well and the herb garden has absolutely exploded! I went out to check the herbs the other day and was excited to find two caterpillars which will one day become swallowtail butterflies! They were munching away on my parsley and I was happy to let them have some since it doesn't kill the plant and it will be worth it to have some lovely butterflies around :-)

Our other big gardening success was our blueberry bushes which produced really well this year for their size, if all goes well they should continue to get bigger and produce even more berries next year.

So wish me luck on my new gardening endeavors. I've never been much good at this stuff but I swear I will figure it out some day!

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  1. I'm impressed by your ambition, and I hope your new plantings come out well!