Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Autumn Bucket List

We are coming up on my very favorite time of year! I love autumn so much. In my mind the only good thing about Summer is that Fall is right around the corner. Now that I have a daughter with an autumn Birthday it is all the more special. Because of this birthday however I missed out on quite a few of my favorite fall activities last year. I was too overwhelmed by being a new parent and not ready to venture out as much as I normally would. Well not this year! In order to not forget any of the awesome things I want to do this fall I am making a list. There is so much to do this time of year that it's hard to squeeze it all in but I'm planning to give it my best shot :-) Things in italics are already done, hooray!

1. Apple Picking
2. Attend at least one festival
3. Camping
4. Get coffee at land of 1000 hills and walk by the river
5. Take Echo to feed the ducks
6. Hiking (Sope Creek?)
7. Have plenty of fire circles in the back yard, preferably with beer and/or s'mores
8. Go on a picnic
9. Make home made apple sauce
10. Make lots of time for sitting on our lovely back deck, enjoying the view and the nice weather
11. Resume our weekly walk to the grocery store (we had to call it quits over the summer because of the heat)
12. Do a fall photo shoot with Echo
13. Bake lots of bread
14. Sew a halloween costume for Echo (suggestions welcome!)
15. Take Echo trick or treating (probably just to my parents house but still)
16. Road trip! (it's in the works)
17. Carve pumpkins
18. Consume as many pumpkin products at Starbucks as possible :-)
19. Make lots of soup
20. Corn Maze
21. Make time for date nights with my wonderful husband :-)


  1. I love corn mazes- I was so glad to see it on your list. Let me know if you know of one nearby!

  2. I really want to go apple picking too! @Emily, we went to Cagle's Dairy Farm last year for the corn maze. It was fun, but kind of pricy. I think there was a groupon or something.

    1. Cagle's is the corn maze we have been to as well. Maybe we can plan a day to take the kids to some of this stuff! It would be fun to all go together!