Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY PJ Pants

I'm pretty proud of these because they are my first attempt at making pants! They actually turned out really comfy and I had no pattern so I basically made them up as I went along. Not bad for my first try! I used some fabric that was left over from table cloths I used at my wedding so they have a sweet, nostalgic aspect to them as well. What better way to curl up for a nap than with something that conjures up memories of your wedding day?

I modeled the pants after some PJs that I already loved the way they fit. If you lay the pants out flat it's pretty easy to see how they are made. I added 6 or 7 inches to the waist line because I knew I wanted to them to be gathered and I made sure to leave room for seam allowance all the way around but other than that i just traced and cut around the pants i already have.

Echo loves to help me sew as always :-)

I sewed elastic on the waist but then also added a draw string and contrasting flannel waist bad (this green flannel is my favorite fabric ever, so soft and comfy!) I used a safety pin to get my drawstring all the way through the waist band and the end combination of elastic and draw string is really comfortable and adjustable. I'm looking forward to more pant making possibilities in the future. I'm always so surprised whens something I make comes out wearable but this actually fits pretty well and like I said it's super comfortable which is the number one thing I look for in PJ pants :-)

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