Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This and That

For those of you that are interested in knowing what we have going on in the way of fixing up our "fixer upper" of a house I wanted to share some the hard work that Eric has been doing. He has been and continues to be a very busy little bee and has been working so hard to fix and improve things around here.

For starters he has been working on fixing a roof leaking problem that has been around for quite some time. We hired someone to fix this back in January however they pretty much completely failed to fix the problem and although they replaced a lot of the rotted wood and shingles they didn't address the real issue of how the water collects and runs down the side of the house. Eric has fixed the gutter, put up shields to direct the way the water flows and replaced even more rotting wood and siding. He still has more to do on this including replacing the drywall that has been damaged on the inside of the house, but at least the water is going in the gutter now as opposed to running down the side of the house (and even getting in to the house) like it was before.  He is still in the process of of putting up new siding and it will need to be painted as well but he has accomplished so much already. I keep joking that he is rebuilding the whole house piece by piece, in another 10 years we will have a whole new house!

In progress on the side of the house, rotten wood replaced and plywood put up, siding part of the way done.

Added support under the chimney box
Our house is old and made of cedar which means we have a lot of siding and wood that needs replacing all over. A lot of the beams in the front of the house are water damaged and rotting as well and Eric recently replaced the worst of these all by himself! I was amazed to come home and find that he had completely removed one of the beams underneath our large front windows which he then replaced with weather treated wood and cedar facing.

A lot of our front wall is going to need replacing in the next year or two which will give us a chance to replace some of our cracked windows as well. We have had some pretty ambitious plans for the house since we moved in. We are looking at ways to make the front windows in to doors so that we can open up the house more when the weather is nice. The cool thing about about owning your own house is that you can get really creative and make it in to exactly what you want.

Rotten beam removed

Beam replaced, in progress

Finished beam replacement, so much nicer! There is still more rotten wood that needs replacing on the front of the house but this was the worst of it.

It's a lot of work but Eric doing it himself is saving us a ton of money and he is excited to be learning new construction and carpentry skills. I'm not really able to help him much because I am always watching Echo but I am really proud at what he's accomplished. We love our house so much and are happy that it is getting some of the long neglected TLC it deserves.

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