Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Festivals and Events

We have had such a busy, fun October! true to my Autumn buck list I have been trying to do lots of the things I love most about Fall and we have been very busy visiting friends, enjoying the outdoors, traveling and attending festivals! Here are some belated photos from some of the things we've been to and it is just a sampling of a few of the great things Atlanta has to offer this time of year. I decided if I waited to share these with my regular monthly photo post it would be waaayyyy too long so here is a photo heavy post a bit early.

First of all we attended the "Fest of Ale" at the Atlanta Botanical gardens. We are definitely getting good use of our membership and are going at least two more times this month (after already having gone two or three times in October). The Fest of Ale is every Thursday evening in October (you still have time to go!) and it was such a fun and laid back event, I highly recommend it! It is a chance to enjoy the gardens at night while sampling a variety of beers and listening to some great bluegrass music. It also great if you have little ones because it gives them a great place to run around.

Next on my list of events is Flux night in Atlanta. This is one I had to miss last year because I had a new born and I was bound and determined to go back this year! I enjoyed a rare baby free evening since Eric parents were in town and they and Eric kept Echo for the night. It was fun to be able to enjoy the art while unencumbered by a baby but I was sure missing her by the end of the night and was rushing home to see her! For those of you that don't know,  Flux is a pretty cool installation and performance art event that happens yearly in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood of Atlanta. Unfortunately I lost my program for the event so I can't tell you much about the specific exhibits but here are some photos from the event in any case. 

This was a pretty cool performance pice about dementia, she would write on the wall with water and it would slowly disappear.  Then she would start the process all over again

These were the town criers, you could write or text them a message and they would call it out for the whole crowd to hear. 

We visited the lantern shop (it was free but still called a shop) where we were given two minutes to choose lanterns made from dozens of types of commercial packaging. I chose Coke to be a good Georgia girl :-) 

Lastly I have a few photos from the Sunday in the Park festival in Oakland Cemetery. This may be my favorite festival ever and that's saying something because I've been to a lot! It features a great kids area, fantastic music and dance, really cool art and other local vendors and a Victorian costume contest. The whole festival has an overall Victorian feel but there was also Irish dancing, bagpipe and bluegrass music and a lot of steampunk influence.

My only shot of some of the extraordinary costumes, I was too shy to take many pictures of people

Living statue

They opened up the crypts so you can go inside for one day only. 

Echo and I enjoying bubbles in the children's section

They have a teddy bear tea as well, I think she will really like this next year. Right now she doesn't seem impressed.

Mostly Echo loved running around the cemetery!
I also attended a BBQ festival in Marietta with some great friends but sadly I didn't get any pictures.  Even with All I've been doing in October there are still so many things I have wanted to do and didn't get to because of schedule conflicts. There is so much fun to be had it's hard to squeeze it all in!

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