Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Things have just gone from Busy to Busier this Fall so I have been really sporadic about posting. Sorry about that! I wanted to make a point to share our Halloween Costumes from yesterday while it was still timely so here it is! Echo went as little red riding hood and Eric and I were the Big Bad Wolf and the Woodsman respectively. First some pictures of Echo in her costume...

 The hood I made from an old Shirt my brother was getting rid of I used a red ribbon to tie it around her neck and embroidered a wolf silhouette on the back (my embroidery skills are improving!). The rest of the outfit was made from clothes we already had or were able to borrow from a friend.

She looked so amazingly cute in this I could just die! She got to wear it 3 times, once for a baby meet up, once for story time at the library and once on actual Halloween. Speaking of actual Halloween...

I made Eric's wolf costume out of old sweater scraps I had leftover from a blanket I made last year. The mask had a paper baking and I just sewed the scraps on top of it. The paws were old sweater sleeves with felt "claws" sewn on. For my costume I just used a flannel shirt, jeans, boots, a belt and hat I already owned. I used eyeliner to draw on a  beard and borrowed a hatchet from the garage to complete my Woodsman ensemble. All of our costumes cost us basically nothing since we had all the pieces already.
It was really fun dressing up as a family and we had a great time taking Echo trick or treating for the first time. We only went to 3 houses but we scored tons of candy and Echo is turning in to a chocoholic already! We are looking forward to the many years of trick or treating we have coming up, having a kid is so much fun!

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