Monday, November 4, 2013

October Photos

I think October has been our busiest month in recent history. So much so that I had to do a separate post for photos just from the festivals and events we attended! Here are the rest of the photos from October including a visit from and old friend and a mini road trip!

 First up we had a visit from our good Friend Neil and her baby Isaac! It was such fun to have them with us for the week and for Echo and Isaac to bond. Of course we visited the botanical gardens because we pretty much live there these days :-)

This is just a cute picture of echo passed out on her daddy's lap
 Next we took a short road trip up to DC to visit my brother Logan and do some sightseeing along the way. We stopped in Asheville on the way up and then in Charlottesville on the way back down where we got to visit Neil again.

Logan and Echo got to reconnect which was awesome :-)

Riding the metro

Eastern Market

Eastern Market

Just no

The Navy Yard

Sacked out at the hotel after a day of sightseeing

The children's museum in Charlottesville
 Back in Atlanta we got to socialize with friends and get the babies together for the rest of the month, it wa great seeing all the little ones in their Halloween costumes!

Joanna and Milo

That's it for October. I'm sure we'll have lot's more fun happening in November to share soon :-)

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