Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine Coffee Cozies

I don't have much time for blogging on this lovely sunny day but wanted to quickly share a little Valentine's day project I whipped up for my parents. We often go out for coffee together so i had the idea to sew some coffee cozies using some of my scrap fabric and turned the whole thing in to a cute card! They came out really cute and were a breeze to make, you just need a cardboard coffee sleeve to use as a template.

For Eric I made a restaurant passport that we can "stamp" with stickers each time we try a place on our list. it will also give us a good list to work from when we are trying to decide where to go on date nights. He also got a pair of cozy slippers (which I did not make) and a card.

For Echo I gave her a little felt bag with hello kitty crayons and glitter glue pens in it. Apparently this is the best gift you could give a  one and a half year old girl because she absolutely adores it, to the point where she had a huge screaming meltdown when we took it away from her at bath time. She needs a lot of help using the glitter glue pens but is enjoying experimenting with them. She loves that her new crayons have a picture of hello kitty on the label. She keeps pointing at it and saying "gat!" which is how she says cat.

I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's day and got lots of quality time with their loved ones!

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