Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Early Chapter Books

We have been entering an exciting new era with Echo over the past few weeks. She is just beginning to get in to chapter books and it is amazing! We are starting to do more family reading time in the evenings and I have been able to read out loud to her in the afternoons while Clover naps so that we can have quiet time. Honestly I feel like it's changing my life, it's making things so much easier and more fun! She still has a limited attention span for books without many pictures (she can listen to picture books all day though!) so we have to be pretty selective in what we read to her at this point. I'm also trying not to push it too much because even though I am super excited about it I'm afraid of overdoing it and turning her off of the whole "reading a book out loud as a family" idea.

So far we have read the Dragons of Blueland trilogy and the first Boxcar Children book. We started the second in the Boxcar series but it didn't really hold her interest so we decided to move on. I am currently reading her Charlotte's Web which she likes, and we are trying a little bit of Peter Pan but it is pretty far over her head at this point. Anyone have any good suggestions for other early chapter books? We are very excited about starting this with her!

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