Thursday, July 21, 2016

June Photos

 Well here it is almost the end of July and I am just now getting June photos up on the blog, most of which have already appeared on facebook. Oh well, blogging fail! I took almost no pictures in June until close to the end of the month when Eric gave me a new camera as an early birthday present! Of course after that I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Most of these photos are from the day we went to the High museum with the kids. They have some really cool interactive sculptures in the courtyard area and we also saw an Eric Carle exhibit (among other things).

The High has a great kids section with lots of fun things to play with. Needless to say this was their favorite part.

These last photos are from Natural Learning Alternative, the preschool coop where I take the kids (and where I will be teaching this Fall!). We absolutely love it there and are so thrilled to have found a place that fits our educational philosophy so well.

For my actual Birthday I got a new camera lens to go with my new camera so I have been taking lots of photos this month as well. We also have a big vacation coming up so I should have LOTS of photos to share from July!

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