Thursday, December 15, 2016

November Photos

 November is one of my favorite months, the weather is always great in Georgia and our anniversary is November 6th. This year we decided to take the kids for their first (well, second for Echo) camping trip for our anniversary weekend.

We went to High Falls State park just South of Atlanta. It was beautiful and the kids loved camping! We will definitely be doing it again soon.

We also did a fair amount of hiking and playing outside in November.

We had our Thanksgiving celebration at NLA, our preschool coop.

Amd for actual Thanksgiving we had a picnic in our back yard.

After the meal we played on a nearby playground to burn off our lunch.

We did a scavenger hunt at Oakland Cemetery the day after Thanksgiving, so much fun!

Last but not least we got a Christmas tree! What a fun month!

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