Thursday, December 8, 2016

Story Stones

While I'm working on getting my November pictures up here is a quick little post about my latest DIY project. Every year I try to make one thing as a homemade Christmas Present for the kids. I'd love to do more than one but to save my sanity I have to limit myself :-) Last year it was felt crowns.

This year I decided on story stones! Echo is a big story teller and I think these will be really fun as prompts during our story telling play. Clover will probably get a kick out of just playing with them so I made a set for each girl. They were really fun and easy to make. I used acrylic enamel paint and some river stones I ordered on Amazon.

It was fun coming up with ideas for the story stones and taking my time painting each one. Hopefully this will be something my kids can treasure for years to come.

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