Saturday, May 21, 2011

Growing Things

I'm not much of a green thumb and it is only a recent development that I have even been able to keep anything alive. However I am making an effort this year to grow some stuff, both in the yard and in container gardens on the deck and I wanted to post a little about the development of all of this. We have a few recent plantings that I'm pretty excited about.

Our magnolia tree is finally blooming, yay!

I planted some sunflower seeds in one of the only sunny spots in the yard. Sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers (and the ones we had at our wedding) I'm excited to watch them grow!

A little redbud tree that Eric's parents dug up from their yard and brought down to us. It's been looking a little wilted lately though, I hope it makes it :-(

I'm growing a lot of peppers this year because if it's one thing we love it's spicy food. Here are my little Thai hot peppers, they're starting to develop nicely :-)
Red bell peppers starting to develop, not spicy but still delicious. I also have a jalapeno growing but have no picture of it.

Leland Cypress tree. Eric's parent's gave us two of these to add some more shade to our yard and a little more privacy for our giant front windows. These are great because they are evergreen and super fast growing.

Some Vinca ground cover we are putting on our shady hillside, can't wait until it blooms!


  1. If you want a flower that adds a ton of color and is practically impossible to kill, try impatiens. Growing up, my mom loved them because they didn't require much work at all and she didn't have to plant new once every year.

  2. If you ever want more vinca, come take some... please! We have the non-shiny leaf variety, both green and variegated.

  3. Thanks Emily! We'll keep it in mind, free plants are always something we are interested in :-)