Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tree House Style

I once dated this guy who in hindsight was all wrong for me. Sounds familiar huh? At least most people I know have dated someone who turned out to be a huge mistake. I should have been tipped off by his reaction when I confessed that I had a secret dream of living in a tree house. To me there is nothing quite as magical as a house nestled high up among the trees. It makes me think of childhood and Peter Pan and Swiss Family Robinson. Anyway, when I told this guy that I wanted to one day live in a tree house he immediately started rattling off reasons why tree houses weren't practical and how they would never make a good place to live in real life. I should have run right then and there but sadly it took me another year to come to my senses. I knew Eric was a keeper when I told him the same dream, years later. When I told Eric I wanted to live in a tree house one day his eyes lit up and I could tell that he shared my dream.

Now Eric and I have our very own house nestled in the trees. While technically speaking it isn't a tree house, it has a lot the same elements that I love about them. The rustic wood, the shaded yard and the fact that we are surrounded by trees on all sides. When I wake up and hear the cacophony of birds outside my window each morning I feel like I am in some kind of super swanky tree house resort. I love feeling like my home is a place of rest and relaxation, I feel like I'm on vacation when I get to spend a day at home. 

Here are some gorgeous tree house pictures to help you feel inspired, I know they inspire me :-)

And lastly a few pictures of our little "tree house"


  1. Love the pictures! You know what a fan I am of tree houses...especially to live in!