Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Card Sneak Peak

For just about as long as I can remember I have been illustrating my family's Christmas cards every year. I always look forward to coming up a new design each year and I like to think that people get excited about getting a more personal card from the Albrights. Last year was the first time that I sent cards jointly from Eric and I and I used a card designed by our wedding photographer that utilized one of our wedding photos. This year I wanted to do a personally designed greeting card for Eric and I as well as keeping up the tradition of doing an illustrated card for my family. I decided that from here on out I will do a photographic card from the Albright-Muellers (as my mom likes to call us) and an illustrated card from the Albrights. This year we had the cards printed by Shutterfly (in previous years we took them to office depot to be printed) and we are much happier with the quality. Shutterfly can be a bit pricey but they have great discount coupons and sales if you watch out for them. Here is what we have so far in the way of cards, I'll probably be sending them out in early to mid December so you can look for them in your Mailboxes soon!

The Albright Family Card illustration, in progress.

The Albright-Mueller family card. The front image is a photograph I took last year at Christmas. I just added type to it and had it printed on nice cardstock. I'm such a sucker for bokeh!

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