Monday, November 28, 2011

New Kitchen Counter

This weekend Eric took some steps towards our kitchen renovation plans. I was working all weekend long so he took the opportunity to put in a new built in counter in a wasted corner of our kitchen. Here are some before pictures.

I don't have any perfect before pictures but note the white window sill and the red table in the corner (it always just collected junk). We had been talking about replacing the red table with a built in counter to give us some extra work space and on Saturday Eric took a trip to Ikea to buy some butcher block counter top and installed this lovely new counter to give us some extra work space. He also replaced the white window sill with more butcher block, now we have a huge prep area that we can chop all over! He had to rearrange our hanging kitchen gear a bit but now the whole area is opened up and is beautiful and functional!

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