Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas is Coming

I'm trying to focus on my upcoming Thanksgiving dinner hosting but Christmas projects are already starting to edge their way in. I already made my Thanksgiving shopping list and did a little pre-shopping for dry goods and things that would keep until the big day so my Thanksgiving prep is going well, maybe that's why I am already jumping ahead to Christmas. I am pretty much always ridiculously excited about the Christmas holidays but this year I seem to be getting started on my Christmas festivities even earlier than usual. My shopping is already 99% finished and have already given a lot of thought to decorations. Part of my excitement is from the fact that this house will be so awesome to decorate for Christmas, it is so cabin like, it'll be perfect! My first Christmas craft this year is a pine cone wreath. We have so many pine cones in our yard that I am planning to use them heavily in our holiday decorating. To start my wreath I got a cheap grapevine wreath from Michael's. Then I used floral wire to tie the pinecones to the base wreath. Finally I used a hot glue gun to add smaller pine cones and a little bit of sparkle by using some gold spray painted pine cones and a few gold glitter balls. Lastly I added the bow and ribbon to hang it from. I'm very pleased with how it came out, I feel like you would pay big bucks for a wreath like this at the store and it cost me next to nothing. Here are some pictures of the process and finished product.

in progress

in progress

almost done!

ta da!

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