Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chore Chart

January is all about cleaning and organizing and generally putting your life back together after the madness of the holiday season. I've been struggling to get back in to my daily routine and having to fight the urge to snuggle up with a cat and a large stack of unread books that I got for Christmas. To help me get organized to accomplish my New Years goals for the house I found a few helpful tools.

This is great! I am such a visual person and seeing everything broken down in to daily tasks is so helpful, it keeps me from being overwhelmed. I printed one out and put it on my fridge. You can download this one or a blank customizable one here.

Another cool idea, I haven't really used this yet because it might be just a little too organized for me. Plus printing this every day seems like a waste of paper. Still, I like the idea and the way it's laid out. You can download this and others like it here. 
Aren't people clever to come up with things like this? It's a good thing there are so many organized people in thew world out there. Making awesome tools like this to help poor slobs like me pull it together ;-)


  1. yeah, i am using flylady.net to try to get control of my house. I'm on day 12 of her 31 babysteps to easy me into a routine. :)

  2. Yeah when I found this thing it made me think of the conversation we had at New Years about daily cleaning reminders. It is so helpful to have it all laid out for you! Love it!