Monday, January 2, 2012

Out With The Old, In With The New

There is something so refreshing and awesome about the start of a new year. As much as I love Christmas and everything that goes with it I am always starting to feel a little claustrophobic from all the extra Christmas decorations in the house by the time January rolls around. All of our Christmas decore is officially packed up and put away and the living room is feeling much brighter and cleaner now. We also have some new house plants so we won't miss the greenery too much. We are getting quite a collection of indoor plants by now, 27 at last count. Watering and keeping track of them is a bit of a chore but they are mostly really low maintenance, succulents and the like. Here are some pics of our latest greenery as well as some other developments around the house.

Three new plants we got recently, lime tree on the left, some kind of fir (not really sure what) that we got at ikea, and a new Christmas cactus on the right. The Christmas cactus didn't bloom this year but it will be yellow supposedly.
this is the aftermath of taking down our tree, so many needles!
a coffee plant I brought back for Eric from Orlando

This is s a trick I learned on Pinterest, I put the old ends of som green onions in a vase with water and let the green part grow back. Apparently you can do this indefinitely. 

Also found time to hang the new painting that our friend Joanna gave us for Christmas!
In other news my brother Logan is moving to DC as of tomorrow. It is crazy how much I will miss having him around! I'm really excited for him and know he will have a great career in DC though. Change is painful but necessary and good in the long run :-) Tonight Eric and I had the family over for a little farewell bonfire and in the process got to burn bits of our  Christmas tree :-)

Christmas tree bits, burning away


Good luck in your new adventures Logan! I'm going to miss you like crazy!

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